Vectea Agreement With Salary Packaging Available

We offer 14 weeks of paid parental leave for educators employed in nursery schools under the VECTEA agreement. We understand that our people are critical to the success of our organization and our ability to provide care and support to communities, families and children. It is in this spirit that we invest in the development of our employees, that we support the health and well-being of our employees, that we provide quality training and that we encourage from the inside. The best chance is an employer that is safe for children and shares the odds. We stand up for the safety of children and we have no tolerance for child abuse. Candidates should be aware that we are doing the work with children, police records and reference exams to ensure that we recruit the right people We believe in promoting from within and therefore encourage our staff to exploit their full potential. Usbest`s goal is for all children, families and individuals to thrive in their communities. As a values-based employer, educators are better able to obtain tutoring, advice and support to expand their practices and achieve their professional goals. Non-course periods are scheduled in consultation with the appropriate candidate.

The terms and conditions of employment comply with the industry`s Victorian Early Childhood Teachers and Educators Agreement (VECTEA), in addition to FBT-exempt payroll packaging. We have many job opportunities in our organization, including roles in early childhood education and care, accredited adult education, our head office, facilities management and our network of volunteers. Check out our current job openings for more information. As a non-profit organization, we are able to offer our employees attractive salary conditioning benefits that can reduce your income tax. We believe in lifelong learning and therefore offer paid professional development to all our permanent employees and volunteers. We offer a friendly and collaborative environment in which employees are encouraged to support each other and have courageous conversations. Armstrong Creek East Children`s Centre – Armstrong Creek Please note that you must consider the main selection criteria and the position you are most interested in in order for your application to be considered. Interviews are scheduled for January 2021. . . Great benefits – salary packagingWork in your local community Opportunities for professional development and growth.

. Our goal is to build stronger communities, healthier families and a happier childhood. Everything we do is for that purpose. So if you`re looking for a career that makes a significant difference in the lives of others, best luck might be the organization for you!. . . After 12 months of continuous service, Certificate III offers our qualified educators the opportunity to study the CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care by the best chance. . In addition to all the usual remuneration and amenities, we have a real commitment to promoting human resource development and well-being.

For more information, please visit: session Schedules: Monday and Thursday – 8:30am – 1:30pm For a job description, please visit: send your cover letter, CV and main selection criteria by email reply to… We strongly believe in work-life balance. Through our employment assistance program, we offer flexible work rules and professional advice. Bestchance Early Years Management is looking for Early Childhood Teachers, which are expected to start operating in February 2021. . . .