Supervising Physician Agreement Oklahoma

Notwithstanding the provisions relating to the supervision of two (2) advanced full-time equivalent nurse practitioners, no physician may supervise more than four (4) advanced nurse practitioners in total. The board of directors may, at the request of the physician, make an exception to any limit fixed therein. In a press release, Cockroft wrote that many agreements were not being used. (2) The physician shall be in active clinical practice in which at least twenty (20) hours per week shall be related to direct contact with the patient. Among the results of the disciplinary hearing were one revocation for several cases of medical mismanagement and two voluntary submissions to the court which, for reasons of probation, were pronounced for personal drug abuse. A voluntary signature was adopted before the court, which provides for six months of suspension, mandatory assessment and five years of probation following sexual misconduct and violation of drug prescription laws. One case continued with the agreement that the licensee would not prescribe controlled drugs until the case had been heard by the Chamber. In 2017, the United Health Foundation ranked Oklahoma in its annual report as the most respectful state in the country. Not only does the state have relatively high rates of smoking and obesity, but access to basic services is also a growing crisis in the region.

Indeed, the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) predicted a shortage of family doctors in Oklahoma of 26.3 percent by 2025. . .