Agreement Signed In 1579 Crossword Clue

. In 1579, she joined the Union of Utrecht against Spain. It was taken by the French (1672) in the Third Dutch War, and treaties – between Louis XIV, the Netherlands, Spain and the Holy Roman Empire – which ended hostilities were signed there in 1678-79. Nijmegen was the capital of. . of Spain and joined the Union of Utrecht (1579). After the removal of Philip II, his sovereignty was transferred to the « property » of Gelderland, and the princes of Orania were governors. In 1672, the province was temporarily occupied by Louis XIV; and 1713 the southeastern part, including the ducal part. On January 23, 1579, the agreement was concluded in Utrecht, forming a « closer union » within the largest Union of the Netherlands, led by the Brussels-based States General. In the Union of Utrecht were locked up the provinces and cities that committed themselves. .

by Spain, which over the next decade granted a considerable annual subsidy to the League to maintain the civil war in France, hoping to destroy the French Calvinists. Under pressure from the Guise, Henry III reluctantly edited the Treaty of Nemours (July) and an edict that oppressed Protestantism and annulled Navarre`s right to the throne. The massacres provoked other military actions, including Catholic sieges of the cities of Sommières (by troops led by Henry I of Montmorency), Sancerre and La Rochelle (by troops led by the Duke of Anjou). The end of hostilities was provoked by the election (11-15 May 1573) of the Duke of Anjou to the throne of Poland and by the Edict of Boulogne (signed in July 1573), which severely restricted many of the rights previously granted to French Protestants. On the basis of the contractual conditions, all Huguenots were granted amnesty for their past acts and freedom of belief. However, freedom of religion was granted to them only within the three cities of La Rochelle, Montauban and Nîmes and already at the time only in their own residences. . . .