What Is The Agreement Frame

Using the framework of the agreement, avoid using words such as « but, » « again » or « but, » that deny what the person has just said. They will deny everything that has been said in advance and prevent the transition to a contractual framework. Instead, use « and » or « also » that brings the two statements together. B could have elegantly achieved his desired result – going home – so that A felt rather comfortable by simply wrapping a contractual framework around his disagreement, as in the following example:- It is often better to avoid the word « understand ». As every human being has a different pattern in the world, it is very likely that they do not understand the other person. Being with each other or enjoying each other is quite possible! If you are more skilled with this, you will of course be able to do it in real time, with the guidance of what others say and your own language. It is usually best to refrain from using « I understand » because it is far too easy for the other person to challenge. « No, you don`t, how did you understand what I went through? » Misused, it can also come as condescending. In the second example, B uses one of the aforementioned framework forms – I agree with…….. and…….. For the purposes of our example, we assume that A`s response to B`s disagreement is to feel dissatisfied (remember – the importance of your communication is the response you receive).

The framework of the treaty only works if we are real. This forces us to look for commonalities with others and to question our own perceptions. We can do this by asking ourselves questions like, « Can they have a point I hadn`t thought of before? » « I understand…  » — it may seem condescending. What the person may hear in this sense: « I have already thought about it and rejected everything your little mind is capable of doing. » The treaty framework includes all the negative aspects so that the communication is generally well received. What is the contractual framework and when would you use it? I love the framework of the NLP agreement. This technique is an example of « tempo and driving » and consists simply of a series of sentences you say and a series of sentences that you avoid. Apart from that, here is what is not to be said if the application of the framework of the agreement: The framework of the treaty takes one of the following forms:- What is the NLP framework? How exactly can you use it? In this article, you will find the exact words to use and avoid the exact words. Read with you and learn how the treaty framework works… It`s worth adding that « but » is worth using if that`s really what you mean. When I was in command of the Richmond NLP Group, I invited a well-known NLP coach to do an evening for us.

He said, « I would love that, and I work in London that day. » In the second example B, Tempo A continues with the replacement, but by the framework and part of the framework agreement. Avoiding the resistance of others prevents everyone from what is said and leaves them open to new ideas. The contractual framework is very useful for resolving all kinds of conflicts, as well as for selling and negotiating. Note that there is no real agreement in any of these cases, « you might be right » leaves the door open for « You may also be wrong. » 2. « I respect »: If you want to show that you find something to respect in what the other person said, despite rejection (for example. B positive intent behind what they said): These are just things you should think about if you notice disagreements that occur around you. Start noticing people around you who don`t agree with each other. If you do, take a mental note of what has been said and what has resulted, as well as what you notice about the status of those involved. If you get a quiet moment, remember how many options can come to change what was said and think about how the result might have been different.