Risk Sharing Agreements What Lessons From Italy

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2017;23(10):1018-26. As of October 2012, 29 MEAs were in force for 25 drugs [5]. Three types of agreements can be concluded with pharmaceutical companies: (1) cost-sharing (CS, No. 11), (2) risk sharing (RS, No. 2) and (3) payment method (PbR, n -16). CS only involves a remission, usually limited to the first 2-3 months or treatment cycles. These discounts are usually monaceous and producers are expected to refund. The other two contracts are based on « non-respondent » rates. The manufacturer should refund a portion of (RS) or the total price (PbR) for each patient who does not react. If a patient meets the non-response criteria, the hospital pharmacist should ask the manufacturer for a refund by the end of the year; the manufacturer may accept or reject the proposal (arbitration requires an arbitration procedure) [5]. Adamski J, Godman B, Ofierska-Sujkowska G, Osinska B, Herholz H, Wendykowska K, et al.

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