Contract Variation Agreement Template

This amendment agreement – modification of the terms of the contract is executed as an act in order to avoid disputes over their validity due to a lack of consideration. It allows parties to change the terms of an existing contract by adding, removing and changing terms, paragraphs and clauses. The model is not appropriate if you want to change an existing contract and the other party does not want to do so. Often, when these circumstances occur, the reason for wanting to amend the treaty is because a party has violated its existing terms – and it is often the broken party that seeks change. Please note that an amendment agreement should only be used to change the terms of an existing contract and should not be used to modify contracting parties. If you want to change the parts, you must use a novation agreement. Our Contract Variant Guide provides useful information about this position and contains what you can do if you don`t have a variation clause in your existing contract. Change the terms of a legal contract with this amendment agreement. With this document, you can insert words, paragraphs and clauses, delete and edit or re-number existing paragraphs. It is a variation clause that comes into play. Variation clauses generally emphasize that changes to the terms of the contract must be made in writing and signed by all parties.

In this way, all parties concerned are better protected from any involuntary treaty change, without explicit consent and, essentially, without written proof of their explicit consent. You will often find this clause towards the end of the contract document. Our models naturally contain it. The model can be used here for each contract for which the parties have agreed to change their terms (unless the change you are looking for is a change in the contracting part). If you would like to clarify all aspects of the application of this model, please contact the HR Support and Advice Unit. Recording changes to a contract, so that the new conditions are legally binding, is actually quite difficult, even if both parties agree on what they should be. We offer several alternatives, so you have little to work with. We also propose agreements to terminate a contract by mutual agreement – useful in case of unforeseen circumstances.