Ms Mortgage Origination Agreement

(f) a copy of a credit-blocking agreement submitted by the taker; (h) a copy of the final signed application for a residential loan uniform. However, any licensed mortgage licensee pursuant to the small Loan Regulatory Law, Section 75-67-101 and the Small Loan Privilege Tax Law, Section 75-67-201 and below, may replace an application that otherwise complies with federal and national law. (a) a mortgage agreement submitted to the borrower, with at least the following declarations: b) a copy of the original loan application signed and dated by the purchaser; (e) a copy of the valuation or value statement when obtained as part of the loan application process; (i) « As requested by Mississippi Law, a loan (licensed business name) was issued by (name of the insurance company), a surety company authorized to conduct transactions in that state. A certified copy of the loan is submitted to the Mississippi Commissioner of Banking and Consumer Finance. (c) a copy of the closing document signed in accordance with the HUD or documentation of the rejection or cancellation of the loan application; (d) a copy of the good faith estimate of the costs available to the borrower; (iii) « Complaints against a licensee may be filed by contacting: (g) a copy of the truth information in the granting of credits under Regulation Z of federal law and other information, in accordance with federal rules and evidence that such information was provided correctly and in a timely manner to the borrower; and the individual files of a licensee`s borrowers must include at least: (ii) « As a borrower, you are protected by the Mississippi S.A.F.E. Mortgage Act. »